How to find love ❤ AND get a movie audition 🎥 in the same night😂

Listen to this ridiculously funny short story series (inspired by my own crazy/dry dating experiences) 👇👇👇👇👇

Dry Spell: Auditioning for Love, Act 4

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Stay tuned for Act 5 and listen to the first 4 Acts if ya missed ’em! Byeeeeee! 👋😂❤

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Dating gone wild…The date you never want to go on âŒðŸ˜‚🚫

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What i wanted to tell my date 👆👆👆👆

Dry Spell: An Unusual Date, Act 3

Heyyyy, what’s good ur way?!…I’m AdriannaJ and I’m back with ACT 3 of this short story series about my “drier than a desert” love life! 😂

I hope y’all ready fa some side splitting laughter! I almost fell out my dang seat listening to the playback! lmbo…Now y’all might hear me running out of breath and choking on spit several times 😅 but just bear with me, ima learn some skills to get better with that! Anyhow, go ‘head and hit play and get cha laugh on!

Dry Spell: An Unusual Date, Act 3

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How to get a marriage proposal in less than 24 hours of meeting someone ðŸ˜‚

Dry Spell: Wedding Bells Are Ringing, Act 2

Hey hey hey, how’s your day?! It’s AdriannaJ and I’m back with Act 2 of a short story series titled “Dry Spell.” It’s ridiculously funny and inspired by my “drier than a desert” love life! Now go ahead and hit the play button below so you can get ya laugh on! 😂

****warning: story is inspired by true events but embellished in a few places just for extra laughs! lmbo

Share your similar experiences below and let me know which parts made ya laugh the hardest! Can’t wait to hear from ya and stay tuned for Act 3!

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A funny way to find your soul mate…in a restaurant! ðŸ˜‚

Dry Spell: In Pursuit of a Mate, Act 1

Hey there y’all! I’m AdriannaJ and I’m so glad you’re here for my very first blog post! On this blog you’ll get a little bit of everything, from funny stories loosely based on my own love life to savings and health tips, poetry, and all things FUN/CREATIVE! But for now I’m starting with a short story series inspired by my “drier than a DESERT” love life! 😂

To listen to Act 1, hit play on the audio recording below. I hope to make ya laugh and let ya that you’re not alone in all of your dating troubles! lol Well, here we goooo…..👇👇👇

Dry Spell: In Pursuit of a Mate, Act 1

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